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Jinan Ludong Refractories Co., Ltd., a Sino-Japanese joint venture founded in 1995, is a large professional refractory manufacturer co-established by Jinan Magnesia-Carbon Brick Factory Co., Ltd., Japan Tokyo Trade Metal Co., Ltd. and Japan Shinagawa Refractories Co., Ltd. It has passed the certifications of ISO9002 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System.

It is located in the developing eastern industrial zone of Jinan, boasting convenient transportation and beautiful environment. With fixed assets of nearly RMB 150 million, total assets of RMB 300 million and an area of 120,000 square meters, it owns first-class production facilities, advanced testing methods and over 90 engineering and technical staffs, including nearly 30 senior engineers at home and abroad. In 1999, the company established Enterprise Technology Development Center, which was identified as Shandong Technological Development Center in 2004, making the enterprise a comprehensive refractory enterprise integrating design, research, development, production, masonry and maintenance.

With two computer automation burdening & mixing production lines, the company has achieved the electronic weighing vehicle weighing, automatic adding of binding agent and computer control burdening. Mixing process and high-speed mixer both have achieved automatic control, effectively ensuring addition sequence, mixing time and mixing uniformity of various raw materials. Currently, the company has 17 brick presses, including two 1,600-ton vacuum compound brick presses, two 1,000-ton vacuum composite brick presses, five 1,000-ton brick presses, three 630-ton brick presses and five 400-ton ordinary double-disc friction brick presses, of which the actual combat capability of 1,600-ton vacuum compound brick press can be up to 3,200 tons, known as one of the most advanced brick presses in magnesia carbon brick production

The company can annually produce 80,000 tons of shaped and unshaped refractories including 60,000 tons of high-grade magnesia carbon brick and 20,000 tons of unshaped refractory. The leading product is magnesia carbon brick and it also produces shaped refractory materials such as magnesia aluminum carbon brick, aluminum magnesia carbon brick, aluminum carbon brick and magnesia calcium carbon brick and unshaped refractory materials such as magnesium, magnesium calcium converter, electric furnace gunning material, tundish coating, corundum (high alumina) casting material, furnace bottom dry ramming material, hot batch material, steel packing material, tapping hole patching material, furnace bottom joint materials, fire clay, iron trough material and shapeable material, etc. With the changing of steel-making process in recent years, the company has organized experts and technical staffs to develop magnesia carbon brick with metal skin, low-carbon micro-expansion magnesia carbon brick, converter gas supply brick, steel packing gas supply brick and other functional refractory materials, providing high quality and reliable guarantee to improve steel quality and increase steel-making varieties for steel users on the basis of market demand

In strict accordance with scientific management philosophy and reliance on advanced management, it has created good performances. “Ji” quality magnesia carbon brick was named as “Shandong Excellent Product”, “Ministerial Excellent Product”, “Shandong Famous-brand Product” and “National Inspection-free Product” and sold to over 20 steel & iron foreign companies in Japan, the United States, Canada, Russia, Australia and Vietnam, etc. and over 60 domestic steel & iron companies

In the concept of “Management Innovation, Continuous Improvement, Famous in China, Well-known in the World” and the policy of “Serious, Meticulous, Pragmatic, Efficient”, the company aims to re-create brilliance by creating good performances in reliance on advanced management. Therefore, it has repeatedly won honorary titles such as “National Dual Excellent Enterprise of Foreign Investment”, “National Advanced Township Enterprise of Earning Foreign Exchange through Export”, “National Advanced Township Enterprise”, “Shandong Super Credit Enterprise”, “Shandong Patent Star Enterprise”, “Jinan Advanced Foreign-invested Enterprise”, “Jinan Star Export Enterprise”, “Shandong High-tech Enterprise”, etc.

The company will strive to create a world-class refractory enterprise by virtue of new look as well as stable and rapid development.