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Wang Ping

Employee Demeanor
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First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Fang for providing me with a platform where I can show myself, and for giving me this opportunity to show myself. Secondly, I would like to thank my friendly and lovely colleagues, and sincerely thank you for your continued support of my work, and thank you for your help and understanding of me. In fact, not only me, everyone should have a grateful heart, the ancients said: Drinking water to think about it, whether it is for the company, family, friends. Employees would like to thank the boss for providing a working platform so that we can support our families. The boss would like to thank the employees for their hard work. The husband would like to thank his wife for handling housework and raising children. Children should thank their parents for their parenting, and even fathers should thank their sons because it will bring you a lot of joy.
The development and growth of an enterprise requires the accumulation of funds and continuous investment. Maybe, our employees don't always get their satisfaction in return, but we have to believe that as long as the company develops, we can personally get room for development.
I have come to our Ludong Refractories Research Center for more than two years. Although I do n’t usually have a chance to meet many leaders, it does n’t mean that we do n’t know the leaders ’hard work. Although I am just a little obscure character, it does not affect my love for work and respect for leadership. Because I firmly believe that only you can lead us to see another glory in Ludong in the near future!
As a member of the extended family, I would like to say to you: each of you is a valuable asset of our company, and your health and safety not only maintains the company's prosperity, but also affects your family. . Sincerely hope that while you work hard for the enterprise, you can pay more attention to your health and work together to create another glory and climb the peak for us tomorrow!
Finally, please allow me to bow deeply to my leaders, thank you! You worked hard!

Analysis Room: Wang Ping

On the desk of the institute's leadership, there will always be a pile of uninterrupted data reports. Any one is filled with the staff's efforts and sweat. The dense data is the daily work of this department. witness.
Every morning, when the sound of the fume hood sounded, the temperature of the electric furnace began to rise rapidly, and a new day of work began. Melting samples, testing silica, iron dioxide, doing full analysis, and so on are all in progress. This working procedure is repeated every day, and noon and lunch breaks will be carried out nervously and orderly with the carbon analysis. The heat of the electric stove came in the summer, but there was already a kind of disregard for its existence: so everything is normal, but it is just what they should continue to do.
Compared to people, the space for work is slightly narrow, but it does not affect the order of work. It's also very convenient to ask others to let go when you can't separate. The atmosphere of work is also very lively. If you say a word, a news, a joke, plus the warmth next to you, you will laugh and laugh from time to time. There will never be work depression. Between the laughter and the laughter, an analysis task was completed. However, there is never a joke to work here.
And so on, what is done here is nothing more than the most common work on chemistry, and it may be difficult to call it a career, including the related work. Here we continue without interruption, continuing a simple ordinary. But this seemingly meaningless continuation of ordinaryness spreads across a single category of time to a wider outer space. This small-scale research institute accepts the entrustment of projects from various parties and assumes responsibility. It has also been affirmed. With its long-standing heritage, it has declared itself indispensable in the huge geological system. Therefore, Who can say that this is not a great achievement.
Actually, if you think about it more closely, it seems to be a microcosm of all the research work, right? Each post has a firm principle. Everyone is responsible and working hard for their own jobs. We are all moving forward for the same goal. Methods of chemical analysis. For our tomorrow, we must continue to innovate and learn! I firmly believe that in the near future, our Ludong Refractories Research Center will be even more brilliant!

Analysis Room: Wang Ping