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Improving personal quality is consistent with the overall development of the company

Employee Demeanor
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A good company must have a good corporate culture, if it wants to "golden the waves" in the fast-changing market tide, it must continue to forge ahead and improve itself, and it must have a high-quality and efficient production team. In order to gain a foothold in the rolling waves, we must have strong technology and quality and a spirit of unremitting hard work.
What exactly is produced at the production site? Some people say that the production workshop is the place where the products are manufactured. It is sufficient to make the products well. In fact, this statement is not complete. The production site is first of all "creating people", "manufacturing" a group of excellent production backbones, excellent production employees, and Excellent cadres, through such an excellent team environment, to produce high-quality products, we must first "make ourselves", lead by example, and lead the ranks.
We have to be enterprising and responsible no matter what we do. I once read such an article: there is a young monk who plays the role of ringing a bell. I feel boring after half a year. One day the host announced that he would be transferred to the backyard to chop firewood and water, because he was not qualified to hit the clock. The young monk asked unbelievably, "Is the bell I hit not punctual or loud", the old host patiently told him that "Although the bell you hit is very punctual and loud, but the bell is vague, weak and uninspiring, The bell sound is to awaken obsessed beings, so the bell sounds not only to be loud, but also to be round, full, deep, and long. "
The little monk in this story made a common-sense mistake, "When a monk hits the clock for one day", it is caused by the failure to understand the standards of work in advance. If the monk entered the temple, he would understand the standard For the importance, I don't think he will be dismissed due to slow work.
So no matter what kind of things we do, we have to ask, we must continue to learn and work hard. Only by clarifying our respective responsibilities and work goals and determining our own work direction can we be consistent with the company's overall development direction.

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