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Company is your boat

Employee Demeanor
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I saw this article written by my classmates in my company, "Company Is Your Ship", and I was deeply touched. I used it to dedicate it to everyone to see if you consider yourself a company Master.

The company is your ship. You are not the passenger, but the owner. The fate of the ship is your destiny. As a member of the company, if you can take the company's affairs as your own, treat the company as a big ship, treat yourself as a crew, and work hard for all the affairs on the ship to ensure that this big ship is in the vast ocean Smooth sailing will surely reach the other side of victory.

When you join a company, you become a crew member on this ship. Whether the boat is fully loaded or stranded depends on whether you are working together with all the crew on board. This is the "ownership spirit" we emphasize. Only you can master your own career.

In fact, the boss and the employees are both members of this ship, but they have different roles and different roles. On this corporate ship, the boss is the captain. This position gives him not only rights, but also responsibilities. He has to think about the course of the ship, to avoid hitting the reef or to encounter icebergs, and to ensure the safety of a ship's people. Once you enter a business, it's like getting on a boat. Your only option is to perform your own job with due diligence. This is also true of everyone, so as to ensure that the boat will not have problems in the middle, because, who I don't want the ship to anchor in the vast sea, and even accidents or accidents happen.
In this sense, employees are also the owners of the company. The rise and fall of the company is not only directly related to the vital interests of each employee in the company, but also maintained by each employee of the company. I believe everyone should understand this.

The title "The Company is Your Ship" is very vivid. The ship is sailing in rough seas. It is impossible for everyone on the ship to escape alone. The employees are like sailors. With a common direction and a common destination, the fate of the ship is the fate of all people.
The company is your ship. "In this company ship, you will always be the owner, not a passenger."

Remember it! Now that you have chosen the company's big ship, you must "share the same glory and destiny" with it, because this is also your ship, and we will work with it to create brilliant.

Yang Sijuan

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