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Virtuous and wise hero,
Have both ability and political integrity and everyone will say.
Where there is thought,
Where there is power.
The rich help thinking,
Simple and easy to implement.
Unity and development,
Transfer positive energy.
The new team,
The comprehensive promotion, Ten thousand steeds gallop.
Inherit the fine tradition of the old,
Innovation and development is the key.
Feel the pressure and difficulties when,
Will be the biggest harvest time.
Tell the truth',
Station high than listening to the truth.
The past need not to heart,
Now do not have to square accounts in every detail,
The future will not be timid.
Serious person not in order to gloss it over,
Smart people don't do belated effort.
Grasping quality, quantity, this fall, synergism,
Ambition, seeking a big industry.
Speed up the level of management,
Blacksmith must own hard.
Grasp the internal control section drop increase,
The income of workers increased year after year.
Safety and quality by the elements,
To achieve maximum profits.
Adversity reveals genius,
The cold to see the green.
Take the lead,
Take the lead.
Genuinely and sincerely with work,
Performance of hero.
Win success immediately upon arrival,
On the line.
People Qi, Taishan shift,
As long as there is confidence,
Loess into gold.
Everyone is a hero Han Ji magnesium,
The more difficult the more forward.
Concentric stem,
Economic prosperity, brilliant tomorrow more magnesium!
Financial department Han Huicai

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