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From 88 years in October to participate in the work has been 25 years of time, I can say that the work is really rough process, a lot of things is the language used to describe. But I to each unit are solid work, work conscientiously, give full play to their one's ability and cleverness, so that the professional technical ability of the individual has been improved. In conclusion, efforts to become a useful person to the company, do not give their own regret. This is the more than 20 years of nagging about work, want to see the people don't complain to me much.
1, 88 years I came to Ji'nan in October with the passion of magnesia carbon brick, was assigned to the physical work in laboratory, then also has about 40 employees, including physical laboratory I altogether has 3 people, I followed the teacher Liu (now institute director Liu) learn to do physical detection and the pressure of magnesia carbon brick, dry there are two weeks, for some reason, the family did not, my first job is not so consciously lost.
2, 89 years yuan month I came to Ji'nan second textile machinery factory technical department as a tracer, and later with the Ji'nan first machine tool plant joint venture, set up Ji'nan first machine tool plant third parts factory. In the Technology Department of all staff to help me design drawing and has strong interest, through the efforts to study period I learned on the dryness mechanism of new product drying tunnel graph, then the Sun Cun Dong Zheng cable factory of high speed of winch, cable cleaning slot is part of the design drawing and to installed and debugged, and the Zibo million Tongda towel factory box type drying machine was part of the design and to Zibo before the installation and commissioning of equipment, then later on a Hebei printing and dyeing factory type dyeing machine and the yarn ball machine has carried on the design drawing, but also the design has made a hand screw elevator debugging issues gearbox and so on some small leather.
Until 3, declared bankruptcy in two textile machinery in April after 99 years, in July of that year to apply to the technical department of Ji'nan Tianchen machine limited company is responsible for tracing and data management and ISO9001 quality management system certification process, involved in the NC four angle welding machine, corner cleaning machine, plastic door window welding automatic line of cleaning and other new products part of the design drawing, by the technical department leaders of the masses.
4, during the two textile machinery bankruptcy, we saw the district government without any action, which is not given compensation, and right of bankruptcy assets disposal, then the collective to Licheng District government, City Hall petition under pressure, the superior leadership, in 2001 June the original second Ji'nan textile machinery factory is Ji'nan plate Longshan Cement company established the overall reception Ji'nan pan Longshan machinery company, I want to return to the technical department is responsible for the design work, because at that time in the selection of the company leadership when my ticket won the first, the leader of the company also attaches great importance to, let me back to the company to do some favorable contribution, see them full of confidence in the development of the company I would not stand up to persuade will Tianchen job back to the company to do the supervisors. I am also confident to must do good own job, make a contribution to the company, and hired engineers designed the wood brick and magnesia carbon brick milling machine to fight for, there are other small change small leather design work, until I felt the establishment of the machinery company is a transition (what reason I in here is not to say), to 2002 February, I see no what development is suspended with pay leave machinery company.
In 2002 5, in April I received Tianchen Technology Department invited back to technology development department, participated in the drafting work of stereo garage equipment research and development, Information Resource Center for unified management of the company in all products, let all the old product drawings computer entry, I undertook the job. In the use of CAD drawing software entry at the same time, also to other designers drawings review proofreading; in mid August due to her mother-in-law fall causing knee fracture, can not take care of themselves, and taking into account the September 1st children the unmanned shuttle I offered second quit the Tianchen technology development department.
6, at the beginning of 2002 9 Ji'nan magnesium carbon brick factory Co. Ltd. design staff, so I came to the company design room with CAD mold drawings and do steelmaking converter, electric furnace, ladle furnace lining design and drawing work, LF. After third months of Lu chief engineer will trial the provincial technical center task to me, let me finish the trial all materials submitted to the provincial technical center, I carefully check the information in accordance with the provincial technical center reporting requirements completed smoothly finishing printing binding all audit materials, 04 years of promotion for the provincial-level technology center; also completed the torch plan micro expansion research and development of magnesia carbon brick and other products of famous high-tech enterprises, Shandong province to declare the work and low carbon crystal magnesia carbon brick, the trial, and province, city, district science and technology progress award of the trial work and so on.
Then with the development of iron and steel industry growing market demand, our company from 03 years Everfount received the invitation to the Steel Corp and the sales clerk take leave of, go Inviting Exhibition business in the domestic various mills, has more than 500 domestic furnace type of design drawing, but also on the converter, electric furnace, ladle abroad to Japan, American converter of 300 tons, Australia, Russia and more than 30 ladle of converter is designed graphics; actively cooperate with the workshop equipment modification design drawing and so on service; then is to add new products, and carry on the mold tool design; in order to reduce the labor intensity of workers die filling, improve production efficiency and efficiency in building, in order to reduce the cost of the mold. 09 years from the start of the brick was reformed is to the original design, molding dimensions is changed into

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