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First of all thank Fang Zong gave me this platform, for giving me this opportunity to show our. Secondly thank me friendly lovely colleagues, sincerely thank you for your continued support for our work, thank you for your help and understanding to me. In fact, not only me, everybody should have a thankful heart, the ancients said: never do, whether on the company, family, friends. The staff would like to thank the boss with a working platform, so that we can bring home the bacon, the boss would like to thank the staff for their hard work. Her husband would like to thank his wife with the housework, child rearing. The children would like to thank the parents, or even a father should also thank the son, because it will bring you a lot of joy.
The development of the enterprise, in need of capital accumulation and continuous input. Perhaps, we employee pay does not always get his satisfactory returns, however, we believe that, as long as the enterprise development, we can get the space for the development of the individual.
I came to the US Ludong refractory material research center also has more than two years, although usually not what the opportunity to contact a lot of leadership, but does not mean that we do not know the work the leaders all the time. Although I am just a small role an unknown to the public, but does not affect my love of work, respect for leadership. Because I believe that only you can lead us to see the future again brilliant Eastern shandong!
As a member of the big family, I want to say to you: you every one of them is our precious wealth, your health and safety, not only to maintain the company's rise and fall, but also related to your family. Sincerely hope that you in the work diligently for the enterprise at the same time, more attention to their health, together for tomorrow we Ludong glory to scale new heights!
Finally, please allow me a bow to my fellow leaders deeply, thank you! You have worked hard!
Analysis of room: Wang Ping
Data reported by the leadership in the study desk always piled a stack of unbroken, any one above were filled with effort and sweat of the staff, and those closely packed data, is the Department of the daily work of witness.
Every morning, when the ventilation cabinet sound resounds, furnace temperature began to rise rapidly, a new day is the beginning. Melt like silica, laboratory, two iron oxide, do a full analysis, and so on are all in. Every day the work program, lunch break at noon time will also be accompanied by assaying carbon analysis and nervous and orderly. Summer heat temperature furnace blow on the face and come, but there are already a ignore its existence: so all commonplace, just their own continued the thing to do.
Relative to the people and the people, work space slightly some small, but also does not affect the work order. In the inseparable body of time, ask others to shun a hand, it is also very convenient. The atmosphere of the work is very busy, you made me a sentence, a news, a joke, plus side heat warm up, from time to time will be laughter, never working depression. In between laughing, an analysis tasks have been completed. But, here never joke work.
And so on, here to do is about the most common chemical works, together with related, may be hard to call business. Here, we have not been interrupted, the continuation of a simple ordinary. Is this seemingly meaningless to ordinary continuation, single category across time, to more external space spread wide apart. This covers an area of small Research Institute, accept a surrender, from all the project responsibility, has also been affirmed, with profound accumulation of years of inheritance, in geological system huge declared self indispensable, therefore, who can say that this is not the great achievement.
In fact, more think carefully, a small microcosm, here seems to be all the research work is not? Each post has to adhere to the principles, everyone was responsible and hard for their jobs, we are all for the same goal and moved forward, in order to strengthen our Ludong refractory materials research center, in order to grasp the way of analysis of various chemical enrichment. For our tomorrow, we should innovate constantly learning! I firmly believe that, after a while, we Ludong refractory materials research center, will be more brilliant!
Analysis of room: Wang Ping