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To the east of Shandong tomorrow, has been abroad
Even if the days go by, you still persistent
Dream in the heart, even if the shed more sweat,
You are still working
You are the company's pioneer, is the mountain is mountain, water bypass Warrior
You are the link between the company and customers, because communication can decide the result
You are the customer Consultant
To help customers improve yield and virtually has increased the status of their products in the minds of the customers
When someone else is as warm as in spring in the work environment
Maybe you are the customer production site tracking service
When people come home from work
Maybe you are the next tender tense busy
When the holidays or rest or visit others
Maybe you are struggling with. Back
As night fell, the lights
You still walk on the strange road
Who can see you dressed the hardships behind
Who can understand you from loneliness
From the spring and summer autumn and winter you have been trying to
From home to foreign land you have worked hard
Thank you for you are the elite eastern Shandong
Because of you, the development company will quickly grow
Thank you for you are the pride of eastern Shandong
Because of you, leading to drive sales, the company this dragon was able to continue to take off!